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Corporate restructuring becomes a common term during an economic downturn. Corporate restructuring takes place most of the times when a business organisation is in a financial crisis. This is when an organisation needs to bring modifications in its operations. An overall structural change is required to eradicate the financial jeopardy. The process often involves reducing the company size o reduce the financial implications and enhance the performance of the company. This is where you will require legal and financial experts to get the best corporate restructuring services in Kenya.

We, at Ronalds LLP, offer safe and reliable assistance and advice in all the legal negotiations and transaction deals during corporate restructuring services in Kenya. The process of a corporate restructuring can even involve appointing a new CEO specifically to implement a complete change in taking up difficult decisions for saving or restructuring the organisation. But in most of the situations, an organisation looks for debt financing, operations reduction and also the sale of certain portions of a company to interested investors. Ronalds LLP advisory committee ensure that both the legal and financial aspects of an organisation seeking corporate restructuring services in Kenya are met in the most feasible way.

Get the Most Reliable Corporate Restructuring Services in Kenya

One of the most common procedure of corporate restructuring services in Kenya is to bring a change in the overall management strategy of the company. The experienced professionals at Ronalds LLP focus on improving the performance of a company by eliminating certain subsidiaries or divisions that are not exactly aligned with the core objective of the company. If a certain division is not strategically fit with the core purpose of the company, then it is essential to eradicate such division, especially during corporate restructuring. Under such circumstances, a business organisation requires selling assets. Ronalds LLP law firm can help in all the transactions while selling assets to the interested investors. We will ensure the absolute legality of every step of the transaction process.

Lack of profits is a major reason that requires a corporate restructuring. When an organization faces an economic downturn, there are certain liabilities that hinder the company to cover the cost of capital. This is where you are going to require an experienced financial advisor. If you check out the advisory services of Ronalds LLP, you will come to know how we help the organisation in planning and allocating resources to enable optimum profitability. Corporate restructuring might also require business merger or acquisition. This is a complicated process which might include fraud and other financial challenges. With Ronalds LLP corporate restructuring services in Kenya, you can rest assured to have a constant support throughout the business complete business cycle.

When a company is facing an economic downturn, it is imperative to enhance the cash flow which can be done by the sale of a division. Since this is a quick process to raise money and reduce the debt, most of the organisations opt for it. But there are certain tactics to divest assets. Ronalds LLP with take care of divestitures, spin-offs, equity carve-outs, liquidation, and split-offs. There are a lot of technicalities and legal aspects to consider the above-mentioned factors and this is why you will need the best law firm at your disposal. Considering all these circumstances, Ronalds LLP is the best option for you.

Attaining effective profitability is an extremely important factor to consider during corporate restructuring. Expert law professionals from Ronalds LLP make use of financial market tools for determining the price of interested parties that will ensure a profit to the organisation. Affecting the sale of a business by negotiation is also an essential aspect of the corporate restructuring services in Kenya. Apart from ensuring effective profitability for an organisation, we make use these tools for resolving taxation disputes in real estate business, buying/selling agreement and any other business or legal purposes. Mergers are the most common form of corporate restructuring that comprises of a complete financial restructuring and redesigning of many other aspects of an organisation. With the presence of the most reliable corporate restructuring services in Kenya, Ronalds LLP at your disposal, rest assured that all the merger issues will be taken care of.

The Expertise of Ronalds LLP in Different Forms of Corporate Restructuring 

There are primarily two different forms of a corporate restructuring that needs to be considered. The first one is financial corporate restructuring and the second is organizational corporate restructuring. Ronalds LLP financial advisory committee is going to take care that an organisation can overcome the adverse economic conditions by changing the equity patterns, debt-serving schedule, cross-holding patterns and also the equity holdings. At Ronalds LLP, we ensure a stable economic condition and profitability by offering the best financial advice. This is done to help the organisation sustain in the market for a long period of time.

Considering the aspect of organisational corporate restructuring services in Kenya, the experienced professionals of Ronalds LLP can help you in dealing with redesigning job positions and hierarchical levels. The is imperative to reduce the cost and also clear any sort of outstanding debts for continuing the business operations in a flawless way. Ronalds LLP organisational restructuring services in Kenya also includes amalgamation. With the arrangement of amalgamation, all the assets and liabilities of two or more companies will be vested in a certain amalgamated company. This incorporates a complicated legal process which will require legal advisors with specific experience and this is why you will need Ronalds LLP by your side.

The expertise of Ronalds LLP comprises of a vast range of services and you can check out the complete details of our services from here. Considering the corporate restructuring services in Kenya, we are the best at what we do. Corporate restructuring services are not only required for organisations that are facing an economic downturn. Any business organisation needs to know it’s economic value in the present market. And this is where the business valuation services of Ronalds LLP comes into play. Our team of highly talented and experienced legal advisors has got the necessary tools and resources for estimating the economic value of an organisation in the market. This will also help in determining whether it is essential for a corporate restructuring in an organisation. Apart from that, as we mentioned above, our experienced and professional legal advisors make use of tools and resources to solve disputes regarding estate taxation, agreements, and any other business purposes.

Considering corporate restructuring services in Kenya, it is important to have a collaboration with the human resource management of the organisation that is going through a financial downturn. Herein lies the importance of an external audit by Ronalds LLP. It will help you in assessing the exact number of employees required to run an organisation during the redesigning of job positions. Apart from that, another important thing to consider during corporate restructuring services in Kenya is, all the organisations need to comply with the employment and labor laws. If any organisation fails to do that, there can be consequences. For this, it is imperative to have the best legal advising firm to be with you. Our advisory committee is going to be available with every step of corporate restructuring to develop an efficient and effective human resource management system for the organisation.

Why Should You Choose Ronalds LLP Services for Corporate Restructuring

One of the primary reasons why you should choose Ronalds LLP for corporate restructuring services in Kenya is because of our vast expertise in the genre of tax affairs for individuals and corporate organisations and individuals. Our external audit and reviewing services ensure that the organisation is absolutely compliant with the necessary tax requirements. We make sure that there is no scope for non-compliance with the required tax regulations.

With the help of Ronalds LLP corporate restructuring services in Kenya, we take into account the amount of corporate taxes to be paid at the end of the year so that it becomes easier to get a consolidated perspective of the number of financial burdens for clearing. We perform both internal and external audits to ensure that the tax burden is not at all higher than it should have been.

It cannot be denied that the tax regulations are changing constantly and you need to have the best legal advisors along with you to deal with the complicated and ever-developing financial regulations. Ronalds LLP is just the best one for it. We make sure that every financial statement presented by our firm is impeccable and in compliance with the new business strategies adopted by the organisation. Our legal experts and advisors offer the best debt restructuring strategy and eliminate all the possibilities that can adversely affect the restructuring process.

Corporate restructuring services in Kenya include the implementation of accelerated legislative changes that will allow for greater flexibility in shifting, downsizing, consolidated operations and more effective closure. It cannot be denied that handling the consensus with promoter group is actually a cumbersome job and it becomes even more difficult to deal with both the promoters and the management. We, at Ronalds LLP, have the necessary expertise and efficiency to deal with conflicting stakeholders’ perspective and create an efficient mechanism for an equitable balance of interests.

Coming to a consensus with the institutional investors and the lenders is actually a time-consuming process and this can slow down the overall corporate restructuring services in Kenya. We make sure to offer the most effective solution at the earliest possible time so that the overall restructuring process is not hindered. One of the major reasons to choose Ronalds LLP for corporate restructuring services in Kenya is because we consider all possible hindrances that can arise during the restructuring process and create most effective solutions.

Considering the issues that can arise during corporate restructuring services in Kenya, improper upfront planning and evaluation can lead to a major restructuring issue. This issue can intensify especially if there is an improper planning regarding the tax and regulatory assessments. This is where Ronalds LLP corporate restructuring services in Kenya comes in. Our experienced professionals ensure that there is no inadequacy in bankruptcy and the foreclosure laws are followed accurately.

Finally, about the issues of corporate restructuring services in Kenya, a lot of legal firms might fail to consider the capital gains of unabsorbed depreciation. Because of the losses in business, the transaction costs are increased and this introduces restrictive covenants and uncertainty on the companies opting for corporate restructuring services in Kenya. Ronalds LLP take into account, the stamp duty regulations and the capital gains of unabsorbed depreciation and focuses on recovering the business losses as fast as possible.

We are the Best at What We Do

Ronalds LLP corporate restructuring services in Kenya focuses on accelerating the legislation in the most effective way that will enable the financially troubled organisations to attain quick recoveries without getting involved in too lengthy court procedures. This is done by our highly experienced professionals who are qualified to deal with the bankruptcy and foreclosure laws. Once you get in touch with Ronalds LLP, rest assured that all you corporate restructuring issues will be taken care of. Our highly qualified and trained legal advisors focus on improving the corporate governance to foster equity so that the stakeholders’ interests are balanced. We are the most popular and certified, audit, tax and legal advising firm in Kenya that ensures complete client safety and benefits in every legal issues.