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Socio-Economic Background of Kenya

According to a study conducted by the World Bank, Kenya is a prominent regional player that dominates East Africa. A major hub of logistics and communications, Kenya has steadily bolstered its economic growth on a year-on-year basis and has turned into one of the most rapidly growing African economies. The expansion has been boosted to a large extent by enhanced stability in the macroeconomic environment, reduction in oil prices, development of the tourism sector, strong inflows of remittances, and initiatives taken by the government to develop infrastructure. As economic stability is paving the way for investments, the importance of a financial advisory services company in Kenya is gradually increasing.

Although the GDP growth of Kenya has projected to decelerate in the near-term due to factors such as drought, security concerns, increasing oil prices, etc., the figures would become healthier  over the next two years. Manifestation of this forecast depends on the completion of infrastructure projects that are currently underway, acceleration of credit growth, and further augmentation of the tourism sector and the global economy. Further to these projections, the World Bank feels that the judicious macroeconomic policies that the Kenyan government has been adopting shall help in safeguarding healthy economic performance of the nation in the future. Owing to these favorable factors that are changing the Kenyan economy, a financial advisory services company in Kenya has started playing an integral role in shaping the economic landscape of the rapidly developing African nation.

Factors Favoring the Economic Landscape of Kenya

Kenya has a growing population of young people. Driven by a steady economic growth, the private sector of the country is significantly dynamic. Moreover, the workforce of Kenya is highly skilled. These factors, together with an improved infrastructure that is shaped by political restructuring, strengthens the position of Kenya as a key regional player in East Africa. The combination of all these factors prove to be highly beneficial for Kenya. It can be observed that the country is successfully gaining attention from investors that have identified its potential to grow into an African giant, and investments are on the rise. The economic sectors that enjoy the maximum investments include infrastructure, education, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), agriculture, and private sector development.

With an increase in investment volumes, and continuous changes in the politico-economic scenario, the business environment of Kenya has become highly dynamic. This has accentuated the requirement of many a financial advisory services company in Kenya, because of the fact that activities arising out of a fast changing business environment call for multidiscipline professional insights and assistance that can be provided by a financial advisory services company in Kenya in the best possible way. Some of the major areas where a financial advisory services company in Kenya is indispensable include transactions pertaining to Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), corporate restructurings, and raising funds and capital. The professional services portfolio of these companies is also comprised of Public Private Partnerships (PPP), business modelling, and infrastructure advisory and valuations. Being a leading full spectrum financial advisory services company in Kenya, Ronalds & Associates commands complete professional expertise and multi-situational capabilities that are necessary for providing effective as well as efficient solutions for these specialized financial scenarios.

Significance of Ronalds & Associates as a Major Financial Advisory Services Company in Kenya

While working with a corporate clientele, Ronalds & Associates aims at improving their business performances by analyzing existing organizational problems, and developing plans for sustainable improvements. Being a prominent full spectrum financial advisory services company in Kenya, we also provide a wide range of professional services such as organizational change management, development of coaching skills, technology implementation, strategy development, and operational improvement. As the internal as well as as external business environments of Kenya are changing rapidly, it may be necessary for any company operating within this country to undergo corporate restructuring in order to reposition itself in the market. At Ronalds & Associates, we offer optimum assistance in reorganizing the ownership along with the operational and structural framework of the company for the purpose of making it better organized and more profitable.

We also have a strategic planning division that focuses all its resources to help companies in the process of defining their strategies and make decision on allocating their resources in the pursuit of profitability. On account of being a leading financial advisory services company in Kenya, we take pride in having a rich experience in offering the best assistance to companies  are faced with critical situations such as M&A, financial fraud, corporate restructuring, etc. Our team has extensive business knowledge and necessary know-how of compliance. Furthermore, we have full access to all the necessary financial tools.  Our professionals serve corporate clients throughout their business cycles, and provide them with optimum assistance in growing and emerging stronger and smarter.