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Status of Kenya Double Taxation Treaties

The government of Kenya has the task force chaired under the ministry of finance that negotiates and
concludes the agreements between several states in their form of taxation in order to curb double
taxation for regional, international and foreign investments.
This document gives  a summary of the Kenya double tax agreements that are in place as of the year 2018-2019,
with their status in force or awaiting ratification;

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Work Process of Investment Advisory Companies in Nairobi

Investment advice refers to the offerings of personal recommendations to a customer for a financial transaction. The recommendations are provided after considering the potential risks and returns on a certain financial transaction. The recommendations might concern a sale, a purchase, a subscription or any other financial transaction.

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Selecting Financial Advisory Companies in Kenya – What to Look for?

If you fall ill for a day, the first thing you do is head to a chemist and get an over-the-counter medicine What if the illness still persists? You go to a doctor. The reason is, you know they are the experts when it comes to health conditions. That’s exactly what happens with the financial matters. The financial advisors are the experts.

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Importance of Audit Firms in Kenya Who Provide Full Spectrum Services

Auditing is simply the examination of the financial records to determine their accuracy and in relation to the application of the accounting policies and standards. It is important for any business organization to achieve its business objectives, attain reliable financial reporting on the operations, prevent fraud and misappropriation of assets and reduce the cost of capital as much as possible.

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